Woman of Stature South African Awards 2023
Where women are recognized for their excellence and quality impact!

Recognition elevates Credibility and Inspiration, Woman of Stature believes that excellence and quality impact need to be formally recognized and in so doing, women are inspired to achieve and impact in a deeper, even more profound way. Woman of Stature strongly supports the concept of Mentorship and believes that the final category nominees, finalists and winners can play a pivotal role in mentoring and empowering another Woman of Stature within the organization and particularly within the Woman of Stature Foundation.

The annual awards is a key component of the Woman of Stature Community Impact Model and its social and developmental impact feeds back to the community.

How Honouring Excellence Feeds Back into the Community

The Woman of Stature Community Impact Model

How the Annual Awards supports our other projects

Each finalist is contesting to become a category winner, overall winner, and other awards. As a category winner the excellence of the winner will be honored at the awards in the form of a prestigious gala dinner.

Category winners will then need to actively mentor professional women within their category for 6 to 10 months to improve their mentee's chances of professional success in the respective category. This is particularly important in industries, such as mining and engineering where women is underrepresented.

Nominee Journey to Category Winner

Nominees are pre-screened and approved when nominated. When their nomination is accepted, those who are successful are announced as finalists. Their journey then continues firstly through fundraising activities, getting the public to vote for them and recognize them, and lastly to participate in a rigorous adjudication process. All three activities contributes to the possibility to be awarded various different prestigious awards.

Fundraiser of the Year Award
As part of the Finalist journey, nominees are asked to show their ability to raise funds through the GivenGain platform and other approved platforms or events. All funds raised is to the benefit of the Foundation beneficiaries. Nominees and other fundraisers can also contest for the Fundraiser of the year award.
Public Choice Award
This is a special award for the Finalist who receives the highest number of votes. The result of the voting system does not influence the outcome of the awards and is purely to support the foundation. This is another special award. The voting system is one of the fund raising initiatives of the Woman of Stature Foundation.
Each finalist participates in a formal adjudication process, by a panel of experts in the respective categories. The panel of experts consists of three judges. Judging is based on a set of five criteria, which includes their ability to mentor other women. This determines the Category Winner.

Category Winner Activities

Category winners have entered the awards on condition that they continue a specific engagement for one year after winning their category. A category winner's purpose is to pay-it-forward by being engaged in three main ways with the Foundation. Firstly, the category winner needs to mentor other women, secondly, be available as foundation ambassadors and lastly to benefit both the Foundation and their personal profile by developing their personal and professional brand through this engagement.

Mentor - Accelerate Her
Category winners will be responsible to mentor at least 5 women related to their category with the aim to accelerate the advancement of their professional careers within their industry and profession.
Foundation Ambassadors
Category winners act as ambassadors for the Woman of Stature Foundation. The importance of ambassadors are to assist in the development and advancement of women in the various industries.
Brand Development
Being a category winner is part of the personal and professional brand development of the winner in their respective field. This may include media exposure as well as speaking engagements to the benefit of both the Foundation and the individual.

Woman Rise Programme

The Woman Rise Programme consists of several projects. Three major ones will be showcased below. All funds raised are to the benefit of the Woman Rise Programme. The Foundation do not raise any funds specifically for any individual beneficiary, but always for the programme. Beneficiaries are carefully screened so as to improve the chances of a successful outcome that benefits the community at large.

Entrepreneur Acceleration
The foundation is committed to helping women entrepreneurs succeed and sustain their businesses through coaching, mentoring, and education. With our partnerships, we provide access to funding and investors, giving women the opportunity to grow their businesses and reach their potential, even in countries without safety nets for failing entrepreneurs.
The category winners of the Woman of Stature Awards provide an example of success that can be used to mentor women in their chosen careers and help them accelerate their own careers. By showcasing their accomplishments and providing advice, the award winners can inspire and guide other women to strive for excellence.
Non-profit Assistance
Women controlled Non-profit organizations may apply as a nominee to the awards. Their adjudication follows a strict criteria that also involves the scrutinisation of their business model and sustainability. The category winner stands a chance to win business assistance, subject to the category sponsorship criteria.
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