Anujah Bosman


Chillisoft Solutions Services


Anujah Bosman, CEO of Chillisoft Solutions Services, embodies the concept of brave, ethical, visionary leadership, who is a meaning-maker and thought leader. She has successfully grown and crafted a human-centered organization that services both local and international customers. Anujah has successfully pioneered and maintained new business and leadership models that are holistic and that are geared towards developing ethical software professionals. She is a role model for many women in leading organisations.

A testament to her skill as a CEO is the noteworthy and well recognised organisational culture, high retention rate, the internationally recognised software performance, practices and software quality that her team provides. Anujah comes from a humble background and has carved a path on her own, in male-dominated industries at a time when it was uncommon for women to lead technical organisations. She has founded and led two tech companies excelling without compromising her deeply held values, ethics and her belief in human centered organisations.



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