Claudina Hafenscher


Have & Share


Claudina Hafenscher, a surname she always refer to as "HAVE & SHARE" which sums up exactly how Claudina conducts her professional, personal, spiritual, and business life.

With her strong personality, humble and eager spirit to learn from every new experience, as well as her driven positivity and perseverance to succeed, Claudina takes on new challenges and sees them as part of her constant growth.

Claudina has 25 years of experience as a Facilitator, Trainer, Coach and Counsellor with individuals, Educators and Corporate Companies on all diverse levels.

She is currently developing the Have & Share online Academy which will be launched in November 2022.

As an Educational Kinesiologists Claudina assists people to make dreams, goals, and new learning experiences a reality.

Her involvement and first hand experience with Corporate Social Investment projects in rural areas over the past 15 years taught her how easily people fall prey to the "GIVE-ME" spirit, which only leads to disempowerment to becoming self-sufficient.

Two projects close to her heart:1.

1. Total "U" programme aimed for créches where she believes that it is: "Better to build a child than repair an adult".

2. Isistolo sami se Rooibos, where she mentors and coaches women with the Annique Business Opportunity to claim back their self-confidence "Life" molded and sculpted Claudina, through many opportunities, obstacles, and mentors.

It equipped her with solutions and tools to discover her inner strengths.

In turn she sees it as her mission to SHARE what has (HAVE) gained, by grace.



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