Dianne Deodol


Didi Couture


Diane is a single mom of three children. She moved to Johannesburg in 2004 after her grandmother passed away. It was such a difficult time, in her early twenties unemployed with a baby to take care of. Diane enrolled with Intec College and studied accounting, Human Resources and Beauty all at the same time, quite a crazy thing to do, she was not sure what exactly she wanted to do later in life. But with God's love she managed to complete all three studies at different intervals. She has worked many different jobs, as a waiter, cashier, merchandiser and sales marketing. But in 2009 she got a job at a construction site, as a safety officer, and enrolled herself to study Civils Engineering which she completed and working in construction for the next 12 years. She had her side passion all the while for fashion and design, she would do this in her spare time. In 2015 she registered her company and started establishing herself as a designer by making outfits for friends and family until 2018 when she decided to resign from construction and focus on her fashion business. It was challenging by she managed to pull through it and today, her brand is growing, and so it shall continue to grow.



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