Karmini Pillay-Rangan


African Bank


Karmini is responsible for skills development for African Bank Limited. She is a Wife, Mum, Powerhouse facilitator for change, and a passionate believer that her purpose in life is to expedite change by using Education as a catalyst.

As an ambassador for the bank, she has dedicated the last 12 years of her life to ensuring employees grow and countless unemployed citizens put food on the table. Over the years, she has dedicated her life to assisting in career pathing for schools, specifically young ladies in schools that do not have access to information.

Karmina is also involved in assisting women to become self-sustainable in taking care of themselves and their families. One of the most significant challenges that she took on was building others to build themselves. That comes in the form of confidence and mentoring workshops and conversations.

She wants to leave a legacy behind that her children and all children will benefit from.

A life in service is a life of greater purpose.



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