Katy Katopodis


Nala Media


Katy is a highly experienced and accomplished journalist and editor with a media career spanning over 23 years.

She has successfully lead newsrooms in both radio and television during her career.

The co-founder and director of Nala Media.

As a strong advocate for media freedom, she is widely considered a respected editor and journalist who always operates from a basis of credibility and integrity.

Katy is an accomplished public speaker and her public appearances over the years have included giving speeches on a wide range of topics of a professional and personal nature, as well as being host, panel moderator and MC at many high-profile functions.

She's a published author of "I'm Missing News" - a deeply personal account of how find balance and managing motherhood and family with the world of Breaking News, and more recently has gave a TEDx talk titled "What's the Formula".

During her career Katy has excelled at strategy and forward-planning and has run her career with the same adroitness that she has her newsrooms - transforming risks into opportunities.



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