Keshnie Mathi


The Wellness Specialist


Keshnie has been a Training and Development Manager for 15 years, a counsellor registered with the ASCHP for 10 years and here company is an accredited SETA training service provider for 5 years. As an accredited assessor, moderator and skills development facilitator Keshnie has led coaching interventions and trained others to do the same. PsychUp is a programme aimed at enabling Psychology Graduates to open their practices under mentorship and coaching from senior counsellors, and the Holistic Counsellor programme creates an opportunity for those mature students who have experience, but no degree to register as community counsellors.

The ADHD Coach programme makes executive functioning and coaching accessible and available to children and adults alike and ensures access to all. Keshnie has also sat on various committees as a Subject Matter Expert and recently was part of the MANCOSA committee for curriculum development. She currently has a group of 100 practitioners who she coaches and enable to coach others through the re-humanisation of care by focusing on the wholeness of an individual, and not seeing them as broken.



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