Lynn Swain


Symbiota Leadership Institute


Lynn Swain (Andriés) is one of the leading experts in coaching leaders, teams, and organisations to transform. She was one of the first eight students globally to have achieved the MSc. degree in Professional Development in the Neuroscience of Leadership from Middlesex University (UK) and has developed strategies and innovative techniques that elicit powerful insights and motivation in her clients.

Lynn is an experienced, accredited executive coach, with a strong focus on empowering women in work and life, who then gain the confidence to overcome current challenges, and the self- efficacy to achieve measurable change in trust, resilience, and productivity.

Lynn has achieved significant leadership success from a young age within the corporate world and has over twenty years of experience across a wide industry spectrum.

Lynn founded Symbiota Leadership Institute, meeting key areas of current organisational need including for emotional regulation and resiliency. She also co-founded The Consultant Powerhouse (PTY) Ltd, which was twice nominated for The Age of Innovation and Sustainability Awards.

Lynn has been interviewed in the media, written articles for the press and contributed to peer reviewed articles in the International Journal of Educational Management, and the Australian Journal of Pharmacy.



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