Mariam Sha


Awakening Excellence


"You have it within you to be all you want to be," is the adage Dr Mariam Sha strongly believes in and it has become the philosophy on which she has based her approach to training, coaching and leadership development.

This is the foundation on which she has built her company aptly called AWAKENING EXCELLENCE.

The logo of Awakening Excellence is a rose with a diamond inside it and beneath the rose is rippling water - her belief that people are beautiful and perfect as a rose, looking deeper we find the diamond - the talent, passion and gem, when people are coached and development and are able to share their gifts it has a ripple effect on the organization, community and country (the rippling water).

What is it about Dr Sha that makes her so popular with her Coachees and Mentees? "She believes in us and our potential", "It's her personality, she treats everyone with equality and respect", "The way she listens to me and encourages me to express myself", "She is inspirational and motivational".

Other achievements on Dr Sha's record of accolades include: Author of: An Engaged Workforce, 6 practical steps to creating a coaching culture, Training and Coaching conducted in Singapore and Dubai.



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