Rizanne Oosthuizen


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Described as a strategic thinker that leads with empathy, Rizanne is a Designer, brand strategist and serial problem-solver at heart with a passion for consumer behaviour and innovative digital solutions.

She is the founder of ProfileMe and on a mission to design and develop digital experiences that make people's lives simpler.

She's constantly curious about finding new solutions for the ever-changing way we communicate and interact with brands and each other; Translating this back into functional design, to create technology tools that kick-start client conversations, bridge the online trust gap and navigate the new landscape of a digital to bring professionals and their clients closer together.

Rizanne founded ProfileMe in 2019.

At the time she only knew 1 person that worked in the financial services sector in which she wanted to launch ProfileMe first.

As a self-funded venture she has embarked on a journey of significant sacrifice and endurance to bring her vision to life and now represents not only the biggest corporate names in the insurance industry but has been instrumental as a change catalyst in digital transformation and technology adoption for this sector.



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