Sholain Perumal


The Gold Bar


CEO by trade and Philanthropist by heart, Sholain Perumal is a voice for women empowerment. She is proof that you can achieve what you want in life through consistency and hard work. Starting from humble beginnings, Sholain stepped into the working world as a cashier in a supermarket after matriculating. With no money to study further, this did not deter her from pursuing the life she dreamed of.

Sholain ensured that every job she had was a stepping stone and a learning experience that will eventually bring her to this point in her career. Today she is the CEO of 6 businesses and the founder of the "Now You Can" charity organisation. Sholain is more than just a business woman, her purpose in life is to help, motivate, empower and mentor people from all walks of life and she is able to live out her purpose with the help from her many businesses. She also offers employees and people around her an opportunity to grow within her organisations as well as mentoring people and offering them a chance to be a business partner as she guides and empowers them to DREAM BIG.



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