Tersia Burger


Stepping Stone Hospice


Tersia has a strong commercial background and worked in the international Vehicle Armouring industry.  She travelled to 53 different countries and spent extended periods of time in male dominant countries such as Afghanistan, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia.  

Her only child, born with a rare and degenerative connective tissue disorder had by her 3rd birthday suffered 41 fractures. Vicky’s, at age 28blotched surgery led to 81 abdominal surgeries, septicaemia, intractable pain, total loss of dignity and hopelessness.

In 2012 the doctors said there was no further curative treatment available and this lead to Tersia embarking on a battle to get Vicky admitted into a Hospice program.  Alberton did not have a hospice at the time and two months before her death Vicky asked her mother to start a Hospice in Alberton so “no-one will suffer the way she did”.  On the 1st of January 2013 Stepping Stone Hospice started operating out of Tersia’s home in Alberton.  Vicky, aged38, sadly died on the 18th of January 2013.

Since the inception of Stepping Stone Hospice & Care Services the have provided care to approximately 2600 patients and counselled approximately23000 bereaved family members.  They employ 47 staff members – 95% female and have a further 27 volunteers that assist with fundraising events and administrative duties.   They receive very little funding from government and are reliant on income generation to sustain the services we provide in the community.

Tersia has no formal medical training and it was only her promise to her only child that drove her to a career change deep into her 50’s.  She is now the Regional Chairperson of the Gauteng Province Hospice Palliative Care Association (GP HPCA) Board and Vice-Chairperson of HPCA SA Board.  She also serves on the HPCA Governance and Nominations Committee, Finance Committee, Accreditation Committee, Standards Review Committee and Mentorship Committee.  

Tersia says she runs Stepping Stone Hospice, as a business. “Non-profit” is a tax status, nota financial situation. Their bottom line is not just about producing income, it’s about generating more resources so that they expand our services.

This is to honour her child’s legacy every single day at Stepping Stone Hospice & Care Services.



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