Finalist Ranking

NOTE: Voting closes at 23:59 on 1 March 2022. Blind voting will be from 8:00am 23 February 2022 for one week up to the closing date. This means rankings will be hidden from 8:00am 23 February 2022 and that you will not be able to see the rankings or any update to rankings during this last week.

Woman of Stature Awards Finalists-12 March 2022

Ranking for Public Favourite Award

Please take note that ranking results may be delayed by about 30 minutes

Category Ranking

Category Ranking is based on the number of people voting for a finalist excluding duplicate votes. In other words only unique votes counts towards the category ranking. The Category Ranking have a small marginal effect on the category ranking, and can influence the category winner, especially in marginal cases. The Voting has no effect on the determination of the Overall Winner.

All Rankings are subject to a final Audit and therefore final ranking may be different from the above ranking.

7 Days before the announcement of the winners, the ranking will be blind, but voting will commence during this period and close 48 hours before the event for auditing and finalisation.